5. Mission Statement & Constitution

Our Mission
The main objectives of Pakistani Students Association at Purdue are:

  • To promote a better understanding of Pakistani people, their culture and their values to the broader student community at Purdue University and Greater Lafayette area.
  • To represent Pakistan in multi-cultural events with other organizations in order to achieve mutual understanding of diverse cultures.
  • To provide opportunities to Pakistani students to explore their cultural background
  • To commemorate significant events in the history of Pakistan such as the Pakistan Independence day.

Constitution of the Pakistani Students Association at Purdue University


We, the students from Pakistan attending Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, hereby establish an organization to be known as Pakistani Students’ Association herein after referred to as PSA, and have agreed to and adopted this constitution.


a.   “University”                            —————-    Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA

b.      “Pakistan”                               —————    Pakistan

c.       “Pakistani”                             —————    A citizen of Pakistan

d.      “Student, Faculty and Staff”   —————-    As defined by the University.

e.       “Members”                             —————-    As defined by Article IV, section f.

f.        “Immediate Family”               —————-   Spouse, parents, siblings & offspring of a member


Section 1.

PSA shall promote the culture of Pakistan, serve the best interests of Pakistani nationals, and the student community.

Section 2

PSA shall promote discussions on topics of National and International areas of interest among its members as well as members of other organizations.

Section 3.

PSA shall promote and coordinate the social and cultural activities of Pakistan.

Section 4.

PSA shall provide help and counseling to its members.

Section 5.

PSA shall provide assistance and guidance to newly arriving Pakistani students, faculty and staff.

Section 6.

PSA shall keep a close liaison with the International Student Office and represent Pakistan in all international events arranged by the University.

Section 7

PSA shall keep a liaison with the Pakistan Embassy in USA, in order to get information about Pakistan Governmental policies for the benefit of its members.

Section 8

PSA shall coordinate with other student organizations of the University in planning activities of common interest.

Section 9

PSA shall arrange special function to commemorate various Pakistani holidays.

ARTICLE III: Membership

Section 1.

Membership and participation are free from discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, disability, or status as a disabled or Vietnam-era veteran.

Section 2.

Membership of PSA shall consist of Members, Honorary Members and the Executive Committee.

Section 3.

Only Purdue University students are eligible for regular or active membership in the organization.

Section 4.

Members shall be those who qualify as per section 2 of Article III and have paid the membership dues for the current semester.

Section 5

The following individuals can be Honorary members:

1. Purdue University Staff and Faculty.

2. Purdue University students of non-Pakistani descent.

3. Spouses of Full and Honorary Members.

Honorary members will have adjunct membership, which means that may not vote or hold office. Honorary members are not required to pay membership fees. The Executive Committee shall have the power to grant or cancel an Honorary membership.

Section 6:

Membership dues shall currently be set at $10 per year. These membership dues can be amended by the Executive Committee with the approval of a simple majority of the General Body.

Section 7.

Membership dues shall be non-refundable and non-transferable.

Section 8.

The Executive Committee shall nominate the faculty advisor as per the regulation of Purdue University.

Section 9.

The faculty advisor is a non-student member of the organization, with all rights and privileges therein, except for the right to vote or hold office. The advisor must be a faculty member who shares the goal and aspirations of PSA as per Article II.

ARTICLE IV: Officers

Section 1.

The Executive Committee of the PSA shall consist of five Pakistani student members of the PSA.

Section 2.

The term of office for the Executive Committee shall be one academic year/two semesters, and then elections within the executive committee must be held.

Section 3.

The members of the Executive Committee shall be:

a. President

b. Vice President

c. General Secretary

d. Treasurer

e. Cultural / Event Coordinator

Section 4.

No member shall hold more than one Executive Committee office at a time.

Section 5.

The Executive Committee shall coordinate the affairs of PSA and represent its members for interacting with other agencies.

Section 6.

The Executive Committee shall attempt to identify potential sources for Fund raising and exploit such sources for the financial benefit of PSA.

Section 7.

To be an eligible candidate for any Executive Committee office an individual should have been a member of PSA for at least one semester.

Section 8.

Elections for the new members of the Executive Committee shall be held during the second half of each Spring semester, at least two weeks before the Finals week. The new Executive Committee shall however become effective at the end of the Spring semester.

Section 9

The ballot will take place after University Hours ( 5 PM) on a working day and ballot will be open for two hours.

Section 10.

Nominations for the candidates for the new Executive Committee shall be filed with the current Executive Committee, at least, one week before the elections. In case no nominations are filed for an Executive Committee position, the nomination filing date may be extended for that particular position only.

Section 11.

The Executive Committee shall inform all members of the PSA about various nominations at least four days before the elections. Each nominee who may also be communicated shall provide a brief bio-data, to the members so as to assist them in making a choice.

Section 12.

Election proceedings shall be presided over by the Executive Committee.

Section 13.

Voting shall be held through a secret ballot.

Section 14.

Voting in absentia shall not be allowed.

Section 15.

Any complaints regarding the election process may be addressed to the President PSA. In case, the President is unable to resolve the issue, the matter will be resolved between the current and newly elected Executive Committees, provided that these members are not running for office themselves. If there is still no resolution, the matter will be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students.

Section 16.

Bye-elections shall be held for any position which is vacated at least three months before the completion of the full term of one year. Same procedure as in sections 1 to 14 shall be followed for conducting the bye-elections.

ARTICLE V: Officers and Duties

Section 1.

The President shall be responsible for:

a. Ensuring the PSA remains duly registered with the University.

b. Attending the meeting of the presidents of all registered organizations held under the auspices of the University.

c. Conducting the Executive Committee and The General Body meetings.

d. Coordinating the efforts of other members of the Executive Committee.

e. Acting as the official spokesperson for PSA.

f. Coordinating with the office of International Students’ Affairs to obtain a list of new Pakistani students, with the objective of writing to each one of them and providing them assistance with transportation/accommodation and counseling at their arrival.

g. Organizing participation of PSA in the University sponsored cultural and social events open to student organization.

h. Maintaining a regular contact with the Embassy of Pakistan at Washington, D.C., with an aim of obtaining current information and funding from the Embassy.

i. Keeping the members informed of the latest changes in Pakistan Government policies related to Pakistani students in USA.

j. Organizing and coordinating all social and cultural functions of PSA and managing the distribution of work and finances among the PSA members with their consent, for these functions.

k. Making sure that PSA is financially a sound institution and the members are kept informed of the financial state of PSA with a detailed presentation of the finances during the mandatory General Body meeting every semester.

Section 2.

The Vice President shall be responsible for:

a. Performing the duties of President whenever the President is indisposed.

b.. Organizing discussions on topics of interest to Pakistani Community.

c. Arranging individually or in collaboration with other University organizations, to invite scholars of repute for giving talks on topics, which are of interest to Pakistani Community.

d. Acting as chairperson of at least one of the special committee appointed by the President.

Section 3.

The General Secretary shall be responsible for:

a. Preparing the agenda for Executive Committee/General Body meetings.

b. Preparing and maintaining minutes of the General Body and Executive Committee meeting.

c. Presenting the minutes of the previous meeting for the approval of the General Body/Executive Committee at the beginning of every General Body/ Executive Committee meeting.

d. Keeping a record of all official correspondence of PSA.

e. Keeping an up to date record of all university regulations concerning student organizations and providing the members with this information on their request.

f. Safe custody of all official documents of PSA including the constitution.

g. Preparing a calendar of events at the beginning of each semester.

h. Preparing and procuring necessary documents like membership forms receipt pads, letterheads, etc.

Section 4.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for:

a. Keeping up-to-date financial records.

b. Attending any treasurers’ workshop arranged by the university.

c. The treasurer keeps accounts, deposits the organization’s funds, and makes expenditures in a manner approved by the Business Office for Student Organizations.

d. Procuring University sponsored funds for financing events planned by PSA.

e. Making statements of all PSA finances available to any member upon request, during the General Body meeting.

f. Filing the State and Federal Tax returns on behalf of PSA before April 15th, each year.

g. Preparing budget for all planned PSA activities at the beginning of each semester.

h. Collecting membership dues.

i. Advertising the President on the financial state of PSA.

j. The Treasurer is given the authority to question the accountant at any point regarding financial position for any event.

k. Ensuring that PSA remains a financially sound institution.

Section 5.

The Cultural/Event Coordinator shall be responsible for:

a. Arranging cultural events for the members of PSA.

b. Will work with the General Secretary to come up with the entry fee for every activity.

c. To collect exact information regarding the cost for upholding any activity and reporting the information to the treasurer.

d. Coordinating with other association’s Event Organizer and together try their level best to organize an event.

e. Event Organizer is required to appoint as many as two students from the General Body (freshmen and sophomore) to help him/her in setting up the activity.

f. Providing help to newly arriving Pakistani students.

g. Dealing with the complaints and concerns of the members of the PSA and relating them to the President and Vice President.

ARTICLE VI: Amendments

This constitution may be amended by two thirds of the quorum during a General Body meeting. The proposed amendments shall be presented to the President, in writing, by at least, thirty percent of the members. The proposed amendment(s) shall then be mailed to all members no less than seven days prior to the General Body meeting. During such meeting the quorum requirements shall meet the requirements of Article XII, Section 8. Amendments to the constitution and bylaws are subject to the approval of the Office of the Dean of Students. Once a proposal is not adopted, it shall not be presented again during that Academic year.

ARTICLE VII: Operating Framework

Section 1.

PSA shall have its power in accordance with the General Not For Profit Corporation Act of the state of Indiana.

Section 2.

PSA shall maintain an office or a mailbox on the University premises.

Section 3.

The structure of the organization shall consist of the General Body as defined by Article VIII, an Executive Committee as defined by Article IV – Section 1&3, and Faculty Advisory as per Article III.

Section 4.

PSA shall operate within the rules and the regulations outlined by the University regarding University Organizations and shall abide by the State and Federal Laws.

ARTICLE VIII: General Body

The General Body shall consist of all the members of PSA.

ARTICLE IX: Privileges of Members.

Section 1.

Members shall be kept informed of all PSA activities.

ARTICLE X: Duties of Members

Section 1.

The members shall abide by the Constitution of PSA.

Section 2.

The members shall promote the culture of Pakistan.

Section 3.

In case a member does not abide by the constitution of PSA or involves in actions against the interest of the community, his/her membership can be revoked with the approval of the Executive Committee.

Section 4:

The members shall pay membership dues or event fees (If they want to participate) within 1 week of collection announcement by the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE XI: Complaints/Grievances

Section 1.

Complaints and grievances shall be petitioned to the President, by at least, thirty percent of the total members.

Section 2.

The Executive Committee shall within one week of the receipt of such petition, in order to set up a panel to address the issue.

Section 3.

The panel shall consist of one member of the Executive Committee and two additional members, to be appointed by the Executive Commitee, who are not themselves members of the Executive Commitee.

Section 4.

The members of the panel shall elect the panel chairperson.

Section 5.

The panel Chairperson shall fix the time for the first session of the panel within one week of the formation of the panel. The Chairperson shall notify the panelists at least one week before the scheduled session.

Section 6.

The panel shall submit detailed reports on their findings, recommending actions, and if any, to the Executive Committee which shall communicate it to the General Body in a meeting. The General Body shall then decide the issue with a simple majority.


Section 1.

President of the PSA shall have the authority to convene a General Body/ Executive Committee meeting. A notice of the General Body meeting shall be delivered to the General Body of PSA, at least one week prior to the date of the meeting.

Section 2.

PSA  shall hold, at least, one General Body meeting in the first fourweeks of every semester.

Section 3.

General Secretary shall formulate the agenda for each meeting after considering any suggestions by the members and communicate it to all concerned, at least three days in advance of each meeting.

Section 4.

The President shall preside over all Executive Committee/General Body meetings.

Section 5.

In each General Body meeting the Secretary shall present the minutes of the previous meeting, for approval by the members.

Section 6.

During a General Body meeting, the President shall brief the members about the activities of the PSA and / or its financial expenses.

Section 7.

A petition signed by thirty percent of all the members may call an emergency meeting of the General Body. Such a meeting shall be held within two weeks after the written petition is presented to the President.

Section 8.

The quorum requirement of the General Body meeting shall be one-half of the voting members of PSA.

Section 9.

If the quorum requirement is not met according to Article XII – Section 8, a second General Body meeting shall be called within one week during which the quorum requirement shall be waived and members present during this meeting shall constitute the quorum.

Section 10.

The Executive Committee shall meet, at least twice a semester and once during the summer semester.

Section 11.

An emergency meeting of the Executive Committee may also be called by at least two of the Executive Committee members. Such a meeting shall be held within one week after a written request is made to the President.

Section 12.

During a General Body meeting a member, after seeking permission from the Chairperson may present a motion for discussion. The Chairperson for discussion shall accept a motion only if another member seconds it.

ARTICLE XIII: Special Committees

Section 1.

The Executive Committee shall appoint standing or special committee/s for a specific activity or duty.

Section 2.

All committees shall report to the Executive Committee.

Section 3.

A special or standing committee may be dissolved by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE XIV: Miscellaneous

Section 1.

A member of the Executive Committee, desirous of resigning his/her office, must tender his/her resignation in writing, to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall then honor the resignation within two weeks of the request.

Section 2.

A vote of no confidence can be passed against any Executive Committee member by a simple majority of the quorum during a General Body meeting. A ‘no’ confidence move must be communictated in writing by no less than thirty percent of the PSA members to the Executive Committee, at least, two weeks prior to such a meeting. If the motion is not up held, it shall not be moved again for the current office term.


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